Valentine’s Day: Atlanta edition

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and the countdown is on! If you still haven’t figured out what to do with your sweetie, check out our list of last-minute ideas!

  1. Breakfast
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Everyone does the romantic dinner, why not a delicious breakfast? My fave is Rise N Dine at Emory Village–they have the BEST sweet potato pancakes. They have a small parking lot behind the building, but it gets full fast. Best to come early for parking and for seating as there is usually a wait as well.


2. LIPS Atlanta

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If you want to do something that breaks traditional stereotypes, this is place you want to be at. LIPS Atlanta has been entertaining the city with its Vegas-style drag shows since 2013. Every Sunday they host a drag show brunch–complete with choir–and Valentine’s Day is sure to be entertaining with their “All You Need Is Love” show available during brunch or dinner. Best to call ahead to make reservations as I’m sure this show is going to be booked solid.


3. Comedy show

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Every Sunday night at 10pm, the Edgewood Speakeasy at Pizzeria Vesuvius has a “secret” comedy show. Have a romantic dinner at home, then go out for late night drinks and stay for the laughs.


4. Ghost Tour

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If spooky is your idea of romance, then you’ll want to hit up the Roswell Ghost Tour. The tour takes off  at 8pm and is led by an experienced paranormal investigator. Reservations are required so be sure to call ahead.

5. Dog Wedding

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Head over The Mammal Gallery for a doggie wedding and a plethora of sights and sounds. The proceeds from the event benefit Murmur Media.


If you know of any other great ideas, share!

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