California Donuts

Since my move to LA to be with my boo, I’ve heard from various sources that California Donuts is a must-do. Last week I had an intense sweet craving and, knowing that nothing but a donut would satisfy, we made our way over to its 3rd Street location for a treat.

Lemme tell you something first: being originally from New York and having lived in Atlanta, I know donuts. Everything from the classic chocolate glazed Dunkin Donuts that NYers love, to the famous light and fluffy Krispy Kreme champion of the south, to the trendy Revolution Doughnuts and Sublime Donuts famous in ATL–I know donuts.

But this–

Source: your dreams
Source: your dreams

–this is something else entirely. This is a feast of the senses: see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. Not to mention the psychic connection you feel as you walk toward that glass window to place your order.

With flavors like fruity pebbles, fruit loops, cinnamon toast crunch, and lucky charms, this is a breakfast foodies dream come true! For the rest of you who aren’t cereal fanatics like us, there are nutella flavors, m&ms, cronuts, and even muffins. And for you classicists, there are traditional baked goods as well (bear claws, Boston cream, and apple fritter). California Donuts also offers several beverage options: milk (duh), water, juice, and smoothies/shakes.

Did I mention that as well as being open 24/7 everyday they can also do custom orders? I wish I had a birthday coming up so I’d have another excuse to indulge in this goodness.

We ended up going home with a fruity pebbles (one of my favorite cereals as a kid) and a plain cronut. And it was one of the best days of my life; hands down. Homer Simpson would’ve been proud.


Yes, food can be that good. Enjoy the foodporn we’ve created for you below.

PS-They have a special St. Patty’s lucky charm donut this week! Don’t forget yours!

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