Valentine’s Day: Los Angeles edition

If you’re in LA and have no idea what to do for this year’s day of love, fret not–we’ve got some great, last-minute ideas for you that won’t break the bank. Read on!

  1. Break Bread
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A massive installation at Think Tank Gallery made completely of cake is opening this weekend. It will be on display through March 14. It’s free to experience, but you have to make reservations. You can make them here.


2. Star Party

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One Saturday a month, Griffith Observatory hosts a star party to generate interest in its other offerings. These star parties are free and are led by volunteers from various astronomical societies in the LA area. Lucky for you this month’s free star party is happening on Valentine’s Weekend. Click here for more info.


3. Floating Library at Echo Park

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This weekend, Echo Park will install a floating library available to the public. It’s free to go to the park, but in order to access the library you do have to pay a fee to rent a pedal boat ($10). The library was created by artist/writer Sarah Peters and is part of the LA Art Book Fair. It closes at 4pm so get there early. Bonus points if you picnic for dinner at the park afterwards.


4. PROUD Love at Grand Park

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Grand Park will host a love fest this Saturday (today!) complete with line and square dancing, free photo booth, and food trucks. The even is in celebration of the LGBTQ community in LA and its allies. Grab your qutie, your blanket, and your best dancing shoes and get down there! 12pm-5pm.


5. FREE cupcakes

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Yes, you read that right. FREE cupcakes over at Oinkster in Hollywood. Farmer John has partnered with Oinkster to hand out free bacon-topped, salted caramel frosted, chocolate cupcakes. While supplies last, of course. Go early and wear comfy shoes; there’s sure to be a line. Giveaway begins at 12pm.


For more last-minute ideas, check out We Like LA. And if you know of any other great ideas, don’t be stingy: share!

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