STEM Sistahs in the Snow: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe! From left: Stephanie, Ashley (Bday girl), Teionna, Jackie, & Jainee

For today’s #travelthrowbackthursday, we are featuring my main crew at San Francisco State #gogators. These intelligent, beautiful, and fun Black women recently went to Lake Tahoe and frolicked in the snow high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains bordering California and Nevada. They actually came with a big group and rented a big cabin to celebrate Ashley’s dirty 30 birthday! To top it all off, Ashley’s aunt came and cooked for this big cabin all weekend long!

Ashley is a genetic counselor in the SF/Bay Area. She went with her husband, Randy, a math educator who somehow found the time to organize this fun-filled weekend! And of course, friends and relatives filled up the whole cabin. I met Ashley and the rest of the crew while we were in a STEM pipeline program in college. Her cousin Stephanie and best friend Teionna are now both public health microbiologists in the Bay Area. Our other homegirl, Jainee, is currently a Ph.D student in Microbiology at University of California, Davis (it’s near Sacramento, the capital of California). They are all living it up in the professional world, yet they find the time to enjoy life’s precious moments!

In the photo above, you see the fantastic four with another one of Ashley’s best friends, Jackie! In the photo below, you find more of Ashley’s family and friends, including the handsome Stefon! Catch some snow up in the Sierra’s before it’s all gone!

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