Nature/Big Sean/Buffet Brunch Birthday Weekend

Last week, Tai posted about her surprise birthday–her first celebration in L.A.–that I organized for her. The weekend after her festivities, we then celebrated my birthday in Utah and Las Vegas. Actually, my brother’s birthday was also around the corner, so we pretty much were also partying it up for him, too! Yes, we are all #teamCapricorn! Anywayz, If you’re from Southern California, you know that driving from L.A. to Vegas only takes roughly four hours–which is why so many Angelenos spend the weekend there (some even every weekend). So, it was a no-brainer for me to go to Vegas, since it’s relatively low maintenance (distance-wise) compared to going to New York. But, of course, Vegas is far from being a “low maintenance” destination! However, before we “turned up”, we took a nature detour first to Zion National Park in Southwest Utah. Continue reading Nature/Big Sean/Buffet Brunch Birthday Weekend

#travelthrowbackthursday New Year’s edition #ttbt

We hope that you’re enjoying 2016 so far. We noticed that some of our friends have gone to faraway lands to bring in the New Year. So, we wanted to feature them in our very first #travelthrowbackthursday or #ttbt. If you would like to send in your favorite travel memory, scroll down for more info. For now, let’s meet Harrison, Gary, & Chris! Continue reading #travelthrowbackthursday New Year’s edition #ttbt

The Emerald City

This past November we traveled to Seattle so that I can mentor undergraduate students of color in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) from all over the country, as they present their research projects at the 15th Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS). Tai had never been this far up in the Pacific Northwest, while I’ve been twice but during the summer when it was all sunshine. I guess I was expecting sunshine in November, because I was surprised when we arrived in the Emerald City, greeted by gray skies and cold rain. Despite the foggy welcome, however, we happily strolled the streets of Seattle like a pair of gay munchkins!

Continue reading The Emerald City