You guys.

OMG, you guys.

I had the most delicious experience this weekend. We had an appointment in Long Beach Saturday afternoon, so we decided to have lunch there afterwards. One of our favorite spots for a sweet treat is in Long Beach (Sweet Jill’s), and so I thought maybe we’d stop by there after lunch and on the way home. But then, BUT THEN…

I remembered that Afters Ice Cream the place famous for their milky buns, had a location in the LBC. Hmm…monster cinnamon rolls or ice cream? Decisions, decisions right? I went with the ice cream, of course, and boy was it a treat.

My milky bun
My milky bun

I had their signature milky bun.

Milky bun options
Milky bun options

A milky bun is basically a donut; think more Krispy Kreme and less Dunkin Donuts. You get to choose if you want your bun glazed or not (hehe). At the recommendation of my ice cream server, I got my bun glazed. Next, you get to pick what type of ice cream you want to fill your bun with. I sampled the churro, cookie butter, jasmine milk tea, and Vietnamese iced coffee flavors. In the end, I went with the Vietnamese iced coffee; all the flavors were OMG-worthy, but I knew the milky bun was going to be really sweet so I wanted something a bit more savory to balance the bun. Finally, you get to pick a topping. They have everything from gummy bears, oreo cookies, and my all-time favorite cereal, cinnamon toast crunch. I went with the cinnamon toast crunch, of course. Before they give it to you, though, they warm up the bun with the ice cream inside so you get this delicious combination of warm bun with sealed in creamy, cold ice cream. It’s absolute perfection.

Utter perfection
Utter perfection

I asked the cashier why it was called Afters. He said that it was a European way to say dessert as in some places in Europe, desserts are called afters–as in after dinner.

Milky bun almost as big as my face
Milky bun almost as big as my face

I would argue that Afters is European for OMG, but that’s just me.

If you’re in SoCal, RUN, don’t walk to your nearest Afters for a milky bun. You won’t regret it.

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